Born from an idea of ​​Giampiero di Cecca, the app that will allow you to visit Gaeta directly from your smartphone is finally online! Impossible? Absolutely not.

Gaeta told with an app

Created by young people for young people (and not only), this platform in its being simple and intuitive, even for the less experienced, is above all innovative.

But before starting our application tutorial, let’s get to know better who Gianpiero di Cecca is.

Gaetano DOC, with a degree in architecture in his pocket at the “La Sapienza” university and a specialization in eco-design at the Turin Polytechnic, Giampiero di Cecca was the winner of a competition held by the municipality of Gaeta to stimulate youth entrepreneurship.

It all started in a garage (no, it’s not the story of Steve Jobs), Gianpiero says, with a team of about 20 collaborators, united by a single goal: to improve the visitor experience in the city.

This is the result of the hard work of taking a census of all the points of interest, monuments, itineraries and natural beauties of Gaeta.

The total number is nothing short of impressive: 90 historical attractions, 48 ​​naturalistic attractions, for a total of 138 attractions that will soon become 165.

Gaeta in App lands in Russia

The app, absolutely user friendly, was designed mainly for tourists who are approaching the city for the first time.

In fact, 3 versions are available: Italian, English and Russian.

The choice of the latter language was strategic, in order to open up as much as possible to the Russian tourist market. In fact, the collaboration of the St. Petersburg journalist Natalya Jablokova who dealt with the translation of the contents was invaluable.

An important project carried out with great professionalism that allows Gaeta to be known in Russia first with a virtual trip then allowing them to go to town. A downloadable application all over the world that has no borders and that promotes the beautiful city of Gaeta in the best possible way ”, as Natalya defines it.

How does it work? After downloading it from the app store of your smartphone system, the Home Page will appear with a map of your current position in Gaeta.

On the map you will find many icons with different symbols and colors that indicate the different attractions and services that are right near you.

By opening the bar at the top left, you will find 16 navigation windows, where you can consult the real digital tourist guide.

For example, if we decide to consult the catalog of attractions, we will be able to see how this platform has been treated in detail, remaining faithful to the history of Gaeta.

Even the images were chosen of excellent quality without ever distorting the beauty of the city.

In addition, in the “itineraries” section, you can consult various itineraries designed ad hoc according to your needs! You can choose between the historical, religious, romantic and much more!

Still not sure what to see in Gaeta? Here are 6 places you absolutely must visit. What are the main icons for? The application is not limited to the simple description of the sites of interest, in fact, under the in-depth information you will find several icons, which will be very useful for you to learn more about the place to visit.

Paper plane: clicking it will open the direct link with the position of the place to visit on Google Maps and the best route to take to get there.

Facebook and Instagram: by clicking on them you will be able to visit the social pages of commercial activities or places in general.

Whatsapp: this icon is very convenient, because it will directly open a whatsapp chat with the owner of the business.

Clock: by selecting it, the opening and closing times of an attraction or shop will appear.

Is it worth downloading?

Absolutely yes. In addition to being a gem of an application, both for the graphics and for the very original idea, it is very easy to use by people of all age groups.

With Gaeta in the App, the world of tourism finally meets that of technology, with an exciting result.

It is also a completely Made in Italy product, it is necessary to reward the young generations of entrepreneurs!

Curious to try it? Click here to download it!


The only flaw we found is a lack of some European languages ​​such as Spanish and German.

Spanish, after Mandarin Chinese and English, is the third most spoken language in the world. About 500 million people speak it!

A version of the application in Chinese could also be created in order to increase tourism, the Chinese community is a great lover of Italy and its beauty.

In addition, in some places, such as beaches, it would be more useful to include tips and useful information on how to reach them in the description.

Among the beaches mentioned in the application, we are also Papardò! Come visit!